Feline Rescue and Adoption


Mission Statement:

Our mission is dedicated to rescuing and protecting unwanted felines that would otherwise be euthanized.  We see to it that our felines are spayed or neutered as to reduce

any potential unwanted lives in the future.  Our friendly felines are adopted out into forever homes, while any feral felines are carefully relocated or returned.  In our efforts,

we assist and educate others in taking responsibility, the tradgedy of pet overpopulation, and the importance of saving lives by means of spaying and neutering.


 Who We Are:

We are a network of foster homes who care for abandoned, surrendered, or stray felines who's lives are threatened or in danger.  Our services include, but are not limited to,

seeing that our felines are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, checked/treated for parasites, and are healthy.  Potential adopters are screened and matched up with our available

felines, or referrences are given if we cannot accommodate.  We also assist others by providing access to low cost spaying/neutering.  Our goal is to educate humanity in the

process, whether surrendering or adopting, on the benefits and tradgedies of animal welfare as a whole.